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This model was finished about October 1997, and was my first attempt at doing a seriously detailed job.
Before I began I did a some research and discovered Bare-metal foil and photo-etched parts.
I had a friend who worked at a body shop mix me the lacquer paint with the correct color specs. When I completed
the model I thought I did a great job. Then in January 2000, Hobby Town was having a contest so I entered this
car and won, not many cars were entered (which probably accounts for the victory), but the contest made me want to do another Z/28.

That is when I realized that this model really was not as good as it could have been. I discovered
Leon Tefft's great website, Scale Auto Kingdom, and could not believe the finish on
his outstanding models. I e-mailed Leon and asked what steps he took to get such a glossy paint job, and Leon was more
then generous with his advice. The three most important things I discovered were, Detail Masters' polishing kit,
MCW lacquer paint, and PPG Duracryl clear coat. Another thing that disappointed me about the job I did on this
model was the decals and clear coat that I used. I used Testor's clearcoat and now I can see it yellowing, other
then the little jars of paint I now usually steer clear of Testor's products. The decal is without a doubt horrible.
All Z/28s I do now have the stripes painted, including the pinstripes (3M fine line tape is used for masking).
The only body decal I'll use is the SS stripe, that is just out of my league as far as painting it and besides
the decals that come in Revell-Monogram's convertible 1969 Camaro are very nice.

I hope this gives anyone who wants to build a nice model some inspiration and insight, hey if I can build
one anyone can, just time and patience (ok maybe a few dollars) and your outcome can be the same or even better.